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Revolving windows

Rotary and tilt windows are a very interesting solution, particulary in case of limited place or when we want to give more sophisticated shape to a window (e.g. elipsis). This kind of windows is very often used as additional source of light for staircases, however not with fixed glass but they are equiped in this case with functioning wing (advantage for glass cleaning)




Technical data

The frame 3-leyer plywood gluing, width 68 x 70-:95 mm
The casement wing 3- leyer plywood gluing, width 68 x 70-:95 mm
The fittings

GU unitas,vertical position axel-for pivoting window type, horizontal axel position- for hopper window type

The colouring Standard vernish colours (white, brown according to RAL 8016 teak, dark oak, dark sipo and mahogany colours) There is possibility of any covering colour according to RAL pallet, or other transparent colour
The fillings compound glazing two panes package thickness 24-: 42 mm; thermic coefficient U= 1,0 and of more thermic insulation possible. There is possibilety to apply safety glazing, anti-break in security glazing, ornament,reflex, safety panes, stain glases and other
Window bars The between two glass panels of compoud glazing, window bars, width 8-:45 mm; glued on glazing Vienna style bars, width 20-: 45 mm; structural bars, width from 55 mm onwords
External dimention according to fittings applied range
The handle There is possibility to fix the handle either in the lower or sides casement sticks

Schedule of materials and accessory used.

  • pine wood, or mahogany- red meranti. Oak, litch, canadian cedar and other woods come in option;
  • Acrylic vernish colours by GORI,
  • overcut seal, or clumping seal profiled,
  • natural silicon for glazing outcut packing,
  • pivoting and hopper windows` handles,
  • the GU fittings.

Profiles available

Vertical position axis
Vertical position axis
Horizontal position axis
Horizontal position axis
Horizontal position axis
Horizontal position axis
rectangular revolving window
rectangular revolving window
tilt window
tilt window


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