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Polish window

Window made of wood, by old polish tradition. The inside wings always open towards inside, external wings open towards garden. These windows are used very rarely nowadays, and if so it results usually from gouverment monument supervisor demand, while exchanging carpenty in an old precious builduings

Technical details

For this window each time, a unique structure is usually being created by ADPOL`s technical department. This is preceeded by detailed Client`s and often, the ancient monuments supervisor`s adjustment agreements. This window type can be spotted even today on the Wojewodztwo mazowieckie district



Technical data

The frame the plywood gluing, section: 54x125 mm; design profile like " warsaw type"
The casement wing Plywood gluing, section 45x60 mm (both internal and external casement)
Maximal casement dimention according to individual project
The fittings

fittings SIEGENIA, standard equipment WK0 ( 1 hitch of higher anti brake-in security resistance, lever of casement with supporting roller).WK1 and WK2 iron fittings of higher security level can be applied.

The poste mobile post or fix mullion (concerns the double casement window only)
The colouring Covering vernish coluor according to RAL pallet
The fillings siple panes (4 mm) in both external and internal casements, ornament; reflex panes, anti- burglary, safety panes, stain glass panels and other can be applied
Window bars structural window bars: thickness 35 mm onwords.



Schedule of materials and accessory used.

  • wood: pine, mahogany or red meranti, optionally: oak, larch, canadian link and other
  • acrylic vernish colours by GORI,
  • outcut seal profiled,
  • neutral silicon for glazing overcut packing.

Profiles available

Vertical section
Vertical section
Horizontal section
Horizontal section


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