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Casement window

A casement or box window constitutes a particular structure where both modern technology of simple plywood casement window and traditional technology of solid wood ( inner wings) are applied. Therefore a modern aspect of casement carpentry is achieved with all its modern technology and very good thermic insulation parameters (double casement window with deep framing 190 mm onwords). This type of window is usually adviced to those who admire tradition together with modernity and also ancient buildindgs under the gouverment monuments supervisors` control

Technical details

The casement or box window is a traditinal, reliable polish window. The high quality of this window is achieved by applying several modifications which gives external ancient look, with possibiliety of choosing type of wood, colouring, equipement, thermic parameters, according to the Clients wish

Technical data

The frame The frame 3-layer plywood gluing, breadth: 130x 190 (PS standard profile, PSFsoftline profile, garnish profile of type A; B; C and D)
The casement wing 3-layer plywood gluing, breadth: 80x 68(outher wings), 80x 48 ( the inner wings are made of solid wood)
Maximal casement dimention width:1400 mm, height: 1700 mm (either hopper sash or french opening casement)
The fittings

fittings SIEGENIA, standard equipment WK0 ( 1 hitch with higher antibrake-in security resistance, lever of casement with supporting roller). Possibiliety to apply WK1 and WK2 iron fittings of higher security level

The poste Mobile poste or fix mullion (concerns double casement window only)
The colouring standard colours: white, brown RAL 8016, teak, dark oak, dark sipo, mahogany. Other covering colours according to RAL pallet or various transparent colours on particular order
The fillings compound glazing panels, gauge: 24-:42 mm, thermic insulation coefficient U= 1,0 and lower (external wings), simple inner pane (4-10 mm). Possibiliety of applying glazing panels of higher anti-burglary security level, ornament panes, reflex panes, security panes,stain glas panels and other
Window bars The inside compound glazin bars, thickness: 8-45 mm, The glued on pane & the Vienna style bars: 20-45 mm, the structurals: 55 mm onwords

Schedule of materials and accessory used.

  • wood: pine, mahogany or red meranti, optionally: oak, larch, canadian link and other;
  • acrylic vernish colours by GORI,
  • rebate seal and overcut seal profiled,
  • neutral silicon for glazing overcut packing,
  • SECUSTIK handle,
  • SIEGENIA fittings,
  • supplementary accessory: casement opening limiter, handle lockable with key, light shot window opening mechanism reachable from the ground, ventilators and other

Profiles available

Horizontal section
Horizontal section
Vertical section
Vertical section


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