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Matchboarded wood facades

Elevations and wooden ceilings is another proposition of ADPOL  - extension of products offer. This solution is accepted among both individual clients and bigger investors. We dispose of wooden elevations and ceilings (see photos). Thanks to this we can facultative shape exterior shape of every building. The assembly is carried out in that way, that the fasten elements are not visible. The construction and assembly require individual assignments. Please, contact our trade partners in Poland.

Technical details

A wood facade is similar to woodwork windows and doors as far as materials used. It makes a unified facade view

Technical data

Material Mahogany-red meranti
Boards` dimentions thickness: 18 mm; width: 130mm
The assembly Elements used by assembling, not visible in finishing
The colouring according to GORI pallet
Thermic insulation according to individual project

Attention! Due to the specificity of product, the project and other detail adjustments have to be made during meetings with investror, architect or a leader of construction site.

Schedule of materials and accessory used.

  • mahogany wood-red meranti,
  • acrylic vernish colours by GORI.

Profiles available

wainscot laths
wainscot laths


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