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Facades, as well as winter gardens, become more popular among our clients. The construction allows for big glass spaces, what you can see on photos below. Wood, as construction secured from inside by glass paquetes and aluminium layers, is an ideal solution for many years without the need of conservation. Here we have also the possibility to match our products to individual needs of our clients. Like winter gardens, facades are designed due to individual wish and without using the schemes

Technical details

View of pillar& transom plywood structure. The bearing construction of wood- aluminium facades is constituted of pillars (pillar`s section dimention up to structural analysis; its thickness is 50-: 60 mm). The external aluminium coating by BUG – Alutechnik or Gutmann covers the exterior sides. A visibly light looking structure is made of treated and painted woodwork

Technical data

The structure plywood gluing
Pillar`s & transom`s thicnesses section dimentions of the 55-: 100 mm broad cant plywood depending on structural analysis
The aluminium coating system Aluminium coating by BUG-Alutechnikor Gutman from external side
The colouring plywood vernish according to standard & non- standard pallet ADPOL colours, aluminium coating according to RAL pallet
The fillings glazing (compound two panes package) thickness 24-:42 mm; thermic coefficient U= 1,0 and of more thermic insulation possible. There is possibilety to apply safety glazing, anti-break in security glazing, ornament,reflecting, safety panes, stain glases and other
The assembly Structuring of plywood elements with junctions by Hoffmann
The tighting according to Illbruck system

Schedule of materials and accessory used.

  • pine wood, mahogany- red meranti, oak, larch, canadian cedar and other woods;
  • Acrylic vernish colours by GORI,
  • Aluminium external coating, by BUG- Alutechnik or Gutmann.

Profiles available

Pillar -transom structure facade
Pillar -transom structure facade


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