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Instruction for conservation of WOODWORK by ADPOL SYSTEM 68

According to § 3ppt h Warunki gwarancji /conditions of guarantee/ the Client is bound to proceede renovation of woodwork according to the following prescriptions  
The vernish covers:
The renovation of the vernish coats should be conducted after each 12 months, which comprises: cleanning up from dust and grease of the vernish surface by means of a soft spomge or rag and FENOSOL solution wood balm, as well as reparing small apparent gaps. Only natural liquids agents should be applied for cleanning acrilic cover surfaces!


  • most of the glas cleanning agents contain salammoniac, that demages the acrilic vernish surface. The rest of salammoniac should be rinced with water and than wiped to dry.
  • by making the plaster finnishing or painting works, windows should be protected using poliuretane films and bands only for acrilic vernish covers use.
  • After the guarantee period for the vernish cover is gone, the renovation should be done within next 6 month.The renovation should be proceeded according to “ the instruction of preservation of acrilic vernish covers by GORI”. 

Iron fitings:
According to instruction included for fittings renovation.  
Seals and seal bands:
Renovation of rubber seal bands should be made every 12 months. After the seal is taken out off the wooden frame, the seal must be cleand of dust and grease using natural agents. After drying, the seal must be covered with restoring agent FENOFLEX to protects its elasticity. Afterwords the seal is placed back in a woodwork cut.

When bigger, durable demages accure the seal band should be exchanged for a new one. 


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