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Conservation of wearing iron

Instruction for conservation of wearing iron surrounding fittings

The doors & windows are equiped with precious iron fitings SIEGIENIA. For its lasting work life and well functionning,the following conservation operations should be lead once a year at least:

  • All mooving or shutting parts should be greased or oiled,(see oil drops points on scheme).
  • only grease with no acid nor resine additions should be used.
  • chack all important parts of fittings as far sa safety sake (see broken line on the scheme) in their clamping points.When needed, tighten the clamping screws, and exchange broken partsy.
  • when absence of window hinges protectors in windows, chack if the upper hinge pivot is pushed down till resistance.
  • only soft, neutral, water diluted cleanning agents should be used. Never use shaving or acid agresive agents, they can demage the protective couche of iron fittings. In order to escape from unwilling changes of the fittings cover, applying of protective agents is recommended.
  • after cleanning, the iron fettings should be protected by application of neutral oil- without silicon additions, eg sawing machine oil.

Attention! Opperations listed below should be conducted by trainedAssembly Teams:

  • fittings exchange,
  • Taking off hindes/ hanging the casement on,
  • fittings adjustment - especially when close to hinges: casement, frame and window transom bar.

While renovation painting, the iron fittings elements should remain not painted.

This instruction is also valid for window types and fittings, whidh are not listed in the above instruction.  


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