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Conservation acrilic vernish

Instruction for conservation acrilic vernish covers of WOODWORK by ADPOL SYSTEM 68

Time of renovation proceeding:

  • within 6 months from the expiring date of the guarantee period for the vernish cover,
  • within 1 month from the effecting of vernish cover either mechanical or chemical demages or demages resulting from overuse and always before far deterioration occures witch is usually visible by grey colour of the surface. 

Preparation of the surface:

  • degreasing the surface,
  • light smothing ( shaving No:180-200),
  • wiping the frame of dust with a soft sponge,
  • wiping dry.  

The painting process:

  • check the vernish cover in therms of apparent cracks. On big cracks GORI 895, BONDEX or other impregants should be applied (painting should be done with brush for acrilic vernish),
  • when big cracks, or bare wood appears GORI 356 impregnant should be applied. After drying GORI 410 or GORI 411 vernishes should be used in order to achieve the colour similar to the oryginal one. Therefore GORI 895 impregnant should be applied twice (with acrilic brush).

The following precoutions should be taken while painting process:

  • ground impregnation, impregnation and final vernishing shoul not be proceeded, while the exterior temperature is over 8°C grades, or the relative air humidity lavel is over 85 %,
  • water diluted products and these listed above, can be stored within limited period of time. In case of tightly closed cans or buckets not exposed to freeze, they can be stored not longer than 12-: 14 month. 


  • ADPOL S.A. Enterprise is distributing renovation impregnants and paints as well as supplying renovation service. 


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