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I would like to buy the windows of anti- burglary security and soundabsorbing glazing. I look for some more information on this subjet.  
There are no anti -burglary security and soudproof windows in fact, they are just of a higher security level or more sound absorbing performance. It is up to ones needs that the appropriate level of security is adapt. Let us remember that there is no need to apply fittings of higher security level to a window with a standard glazing (the risk of break-in through glazing). In reverse order: the security glazing willnot make the window intirely save. For the sound absorbtion it will not be enough to apply a soundproof glazing. The only way for proper soud insulation is a supplementary clumping seal band accompanied with soudproof glazing. It`s not necessary to reind that the money should be spent reasonably- the eleboration of performance of one element, will not always lead to expected results. 

I like the woodwork windows a lot. I`ve made my mind up nearly to buy them.My scaring thougt is that, they will have to be painted each year, which is goingt to be a hurd and time occupying task.  
The nowadays acrylic vernish colours are very much different from the old type paints available during last years on the polish market.. The Duch Enterprise has preared whole sets for renovating of our woodwork. There is also passibiliety of renovation service fascilities. The resistance of this modern technology paints is 6-10 years. Their resistance is however depending on the type of vernish applied (covering vernish, light colours, dark lazurites), their exposition on direct sunlight (south, north sides), air dust pollution, or finaly how often they are going to be cleaned.  

 I would like to fid out the differences between a transparent and covering vernish colours  
To see the difference between the covering paint and a lazurit (transparent)vernish is essential. All the covering painsts hide the wood rigs structure and the colour of painted wood is like the colour do a paint itself, which does not depend on the wood timber used.The lazurit vernish let the unique wood rings structure appear on the painted surface (pine wood, mahogany wood- red meranti, oak, etc..) and will dye the wood as desired. A lazurite colouring may be light colours (e.g. light pine wood colour) or dark (e.g. nut wood timber).It should be stressed that the vernish of same colour will dye various wood types in different colour tints . It is going to be so while considering the colours of - the horisontal & vertical window frames elements, which may differ by colour tints. ( ths effect results from the wood structure). This is nornal feature of lazurite vernish colours.  

What are the main differences between plywood made of assembled slats and the plywood type composed of solid wood slats?

The wood used in woodwork production is a 3-layer plywood gluing. When we observe junctions on layers surface ( microjunctions) we call it an assembled plywood. The consisting slats of this plywood type, do not have any big decays (knots, resin spots, or changes of tint), but this effect is achieved by cutting out all undesired wood parts, which are joined with each other with microjunctions. The type of plywood composed of solid slats do not have any wood decays either, howevere there have no microjunctions and this is achieved by selecting large quantity of wood tiber in order to choose proper wood material and it is going to be very priceworthy.   

Why the woodwork windows are more expensive than the PCV ones?  
This situation is due to several aspects. Firstly, the plywood material is more expensive than the P.V.C. material. Secoundly, the P.V.C.profiles are fetched all ready, in various colouring or woodlike veneerd. It is in the window producing factory, than the cutting, assembling operations are conducted and this lowers the costs of the P.V.C. windows and doors. Third, the production process of woodwork is much longer: milling of frame rebates, tenon junctions, using many components (e.g. impregnation), silicones, are far more expensive. To sum up: labour costs& machinery costs in casse of woodwork are significantly higher. It is obvious that a good quality products can not be achieved when bad wood material used or the production were speed up.  

May I build in my woodwork in wall openings by myself?  

The answer is: Yes!- Stipulating that the assembling will be done according to the producer`s instruction. The guarantee conditions will be mantained than. Attention! Unproper assenbling of Your windows may cause their bad functioning. 

Why there is a vapour condensation effect on the internal glazing surface of my windows?  
The vapour condensation takes place usually on the " heat leakage bridges" and when insufficient room ventilation occurres. This is caused by our tight window clumps which do not let enough fresh air in to ensure the righ functioning of natural room ventilation system. In order to protect our room from this undesired effect one have to ensure the right amount of fresh air into a room through window frames clump transmission, by applying window ventilators as well,as airing the room,at least twice a day with broad casement opening. Using window ventilators will improve vetilation system of our rooms.  

 I have heard that a mobile poste does not strenthen the woodwork window enough, is that right? 
This claim does not make sense if You mind the following:

  • the woodwork carpentry was executed according to the Standard /Aprobata Techniczna/, and with proper wood material, with our technology;
  • the assembling process was executed according to producer`s instruction, which is a guarantee of its righ functioning; 

What`s the most important for woodwork carpentry quality?  
There are several elements that influence the quality of woodwork products:

  • quality of plywood – the plywood quality is up to its price,There might be a cheep plywood used, but the quality of window would be low and the demage will be observed very soon. When You want to have a good quality window a good quality plywood material must be used for its poroduction;
  • Tenon joints elements– This is the secound element that influences the quality of woodwork: the precision of tenoning. A badly executed woodwork carpentry with cracks on tenon junctions can be found still very often
  • impregnation painting & vernishing processes–the type of vernish and the way it will be applied on wood`s surface is one of the modst important elements that inflence the quality. The quality of paint`s cover as well as the quantity of layers (3-4) will guarantee long working life of our woodwork;
  • silicones tightening – it seems to be unimportant element- the accuracy in application (stright edge, finishing in corners) contributes to a final visual effect;
  • another influencing quality elements: the glazing, the fittings, the handles etc... also will play a role in final effect and quality. The assembling of these elements to a window is especialy important and the quality of accessory itself as well.

One glazing panel has broken in my window, may I have it mend by a glazier?  
A compoun glazing panels are used nowadays both by woodwork, aluminium and PCV windows( a set of two panes compound). These workshops dealing not only with glazing operations, but also in producing of glazing compound panels, are surely up to this task. It shoud not be a problem when both PCV and aluminium windows, which have a rubber seal dry glazing. In case of woodwork, with silicones glazing packing, it is adviced to find out first if a certain workshop would do the new glazing operation correctly. Any problem of this kind can be resolved by a sales` or producer`s services. 


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