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Aluron is a modern well functioning producing Company dealing with doors` and woodwork windows` drip caps. It specializes in modern looking section profiles of drip caps: Soft Line. This friendly design has aimed the courrent market needs with a great success.

Aluron has a wide variety of window aluminium drip caps in its offer, as well as a developed system of door sills and innovation system of external window sills ALURON.
The Aluron Company has all attestations needed for prooving the high quality of its products as well as theirs` succesful and save applience to doors and woodwork windows.
In order to face the requirements of the present woodwork market, the control tests have been lead in April 2004 and in the biggest european investigation Center IFT ROSENHEIM in Germany,for the Adpol`s woodwork windows with the Aluron aluminium drip caps accessories. These recent tests have shown its perfect tightness overpassed twice or even more than needed, according to the severe IFT ROSENHEIM standard requirements.

Attestation /Prüfbericht/ No:102 27754/1date: 29.04.2004.

  • Resistance to the hit of the wind:-Class C5- B5 according to EN 12210(one of the highest coefficients);
  • Tightness to rain water penetration- Class 9A according to EN 12208 ( perfect tightness to water flow under the preassure differance phase 600Pa). This means that the tightness requirements are overpassed 4 time;
  • air infiltration-tightness- Class 4 according to EN 12207 (highest coefficient).
  • DLH Drewno sp. z o.o.

Has been in Poland since 1990. It is a mamber of DLH group ( Dalhoff Larsen & Horneman), danish Enterprise leading its activity since 1908. “DLH Drewno” exports and imports sawn wood and it is distributor of cant wood elements and other prime materials on wood base as well as ply panels. It has exotic wood in its offer, veneers and other materials on wood base from Africa, Asia, South America, North America and the Eastern Europe. At present, “DLH drewno” has mainly three section types of plywood cants ( external leyers are solid wood layers): 72x 86 mm; 72x 115 mm; 72x 145 mm; as well as 72x 86 section wood cants, which is 3 layers plywood gluing and each layer concists of wood pieces combined with each other by microjunctions 5900 mm; or 6000 mm in total length. Whereus, plywood cants made of solid wood are 800 mm upto 3000 mm long.

Country of growth: Indonesia, Malesia
3 layer plywood gluing with waterpoof glu according to DIN EN 204 D4 Standard
Humidity level 12% +/-2%
Profiles: 72 x 86 / 115 / 145 mm (and other)

Country of growth: Poland
3 layer plywood gluing with waterpoof glu according to DIN EN 204 D4 Standard
Humidity 12% +/-2%
profiles sections: 72x 86/ 105/ 115/ 145 mm and other

and also: MERAWAN, BINTAGOR, FRAMIERE, mahogany- ACAJOU wood timbers.

“DLH Drewno”- offers egzotic sawn wood, a good staircases & balustrades material, window internal sills, celling profiles, forniture, or external elevation boarding shutterings. DLH is featching various types of wood timbers from allover the world: sawn wood, unedged timber and edged timber, or cut wood elements on particular order.


It`s a Company with 3 centuries old tradition, experience and innovative attitudes. Cooperating with Sain Gobain Company gives our Clients safety comming from its reliance

Glaspol Company with its 5 factories within Poland is producing the compoud glazing panels, and particulary the factory situated in Pruszkow near Warsaw - the only factory within Poland, where the three production lines situated: the most modern and biggest stowe for glass toughtening with its joined glass treatment line and the Heat Soak Tests stowe, line for glass veneering, as well as a compoud glazing panels production line  
The Glaspol glazing panel packages offer is surely the most developed and You will enjoy with all its advantages:

  • safety sake: eventual burglary action becomes longer and more difficult, more safety for health, less injury danger,
  • low thermic coefficient leading to thermic comfort as well as economy of heating energy, free space under the internal ledge and close to the window,
  • high noise resistance- silence in room,
  • esthetic and nice looking from both internal and external sides,
  • sunlight transmission protection- sunlight glass material transmission adjusting option.

  • GORI

Its one of the best known Companies in Danemark. It is also well known in Norway as well as in other countries. The story of GORI Enterprise is, at the same time, the story of Danish success in production activity, which in `2002 has held its 100 years anniversary.
Dyrup since `1991 is the owner of GORI Products and its Trade Mark. Dyrup A/S is functioning in structure of holding Monberg& Thorsen A/S(MT).

The Durup Enterprise offers a variety of wood external impregnants- supplied under the GORI Trademark. This is a 3 or 4-layers system consisting of the listed below actions:

  • Impregnation painting

Transparent vernish for vacuum wood treatment, flow coating or dip painting.This way of vernishing gives advantages as follows:

    • It prolongs the work life of wooden elements and protects from fungis- thay are a cause of wood tint changes.
    • It reduces the warping dimention changes of wooden elements under the influence of changes of humidity level and prepares the wood elements for further treatment.
    • IT protects the wood from rain water soak, thus the risk of cracks and warping deformation diminuates.
    • It equalizes colours tints while transparent vernish are applied.
  • Ground painting

Colour vernish for ground coating under both transparent and covering colours. This paints are applied on wood surface by flow coating or dip painting, which asures the best vernish coat adherence to the wood base for final or between layer impregnations.

  • The between layers inpregnation

This impregnation type is used for rough wood or wood with big cracks. It influences positively on pine wood and other coniferus timber woods, by covering the junctions and consequently limitates the neccesity of further wood polishing.

  • Final painting of wooden elements

The final impregnation makes the wood nice, smooth surface of high, longlasting resistance. The final vernish coat is available in wide transparent colouring as well as variety of tints of white and any colour according to RAL and NCS pallets.


Is one of the oldest family Enterpises in Germany. It was founded in 1758 and from a local enterprise within years of activity has arisen to an international importance Enterprise. Nowadays, it has 18 branchs and 12 of them are situated within Germany. The Messenburg Enterprise is deserving 10.000 Clients. The turnover amount of 90 millions EURO per year is being worked out by 400 employees

The Messenburg Enterprise has been leading its activity on the polish market since 1993. Its factory branches are situated in Gdansk, Toruń and Ełk towns. A big experiance in woodwork accessories as well as its reliance makes a strong position on the polish market. Recent products are introduced to market each year, with the aim to adjust the products offer to the courrent Clients` needs and expectations.
The Messenburg Enterprise specializes in supplying high quality accessories to doors `& windows` producers. The accessories are listed below:

  • iron fittings for woodwork, PCV and aluminium windows,
  • tools and other machinery factory equipement,
  • electrical ustensils,
  • measurement tools, small assamblig elements, etc.


Press- Glas Enterprise has been founded in 1991 and is continualy streaming to strenthen its leader position on the european market of glazing panels by means of advanced management of production process, service as well as modernizing machinery park and better quality.

The glazing packages for todays Clients are produced in three Press-Glas factories situated within Poland: in Nowa Wieś near Częstochowa, in Tychy and in Tczew towns.
The Press Glas Enterprise is continually strenthening its leader position on the compound glazing panels market as well as to broaden its offer by including the special destination glazing packages of high transformation process.
This copetitive and dynamic strategy in `2002 has bruoght the Enterprise to achieve the Certificate of Quality ISO 9001: 2000. The ISO Standards concordance is a further proove of its high quality service and products.
The advantages of the Press Glas products which make them unique amoung other products are following:


  • high quality of products with its Certificate of Quality ISO 9001: 2000,
  • short delivery period,
  • Europe range activity,
  • continous investigation, modern equipement investigation on tools and their developement,
  • reliable advisers team,
  • integrated system of production process management and supplied products management,
  • orders control by internet,
  • Glazing packages delivery with a self- outloading track,
  • publicity and advertising within the Press Glas Enterprise Clients for products included in its offer by means of seminars and presentationsi.

The actual glazing Press- Glas offer includes:

  • compound glazing packages
    • heat insulating glass panes,
    • noise absorbing panes,
    • flameproof glass,
    • safety panes,
    • anti- burglary panes,
    • bullet protective glass panes,
    • compounds with ornamental glass panes,
    • compounds containing window bars inside.
  • For toughenned glazing packages
    • float,
    • ornamental glass panes,
    • antisolar glass panes ( dyed in the glass),
    • heat insulating soft glass panes for further toughtening,
    • sunlight transmission protecting glass, hurd surface glass, soft sunlight transmission protecting glass for further toughenning.

and also surface enamel glazin panes, silicon glass glazing panes, polished glazing and sloped edge and drilling.


SIEGENIA as well as AUBI are both Trademarks of long years lasting tradition,specializing in window fittings production- the First One was founded in `1914 and the Secound One with its roots descend to the end of XIX century. On 19 december 2003 SIEGENIA- FRANK and AUBI made fussion to better compete on the global market. The New SIEGENIA- AUBI Company is one of the bigest producers of carpentry fittings in Europe. With its factory branches in most european countries including Poland, with its turnover amount of some hunderds of millions EURO per year.

Siegenia supplies its products to most of polish woodwork fabricants, ownning to ISO 9001 Certificate Quality System, supplies them with modern technology fittings of high quality. The applience of new technologies has given rise to the dynamic development of the Company supported by the international management system SAP R3.
The `2003 was decisive for all the producers of iron fittings while zinc galvanized fittings appeared on the market. There have been only yellow galvanizings so far and SIEGENIA- AUBI Company was the first to introduce the innovation on the market. This change of galvanzing colour was caused by many factors from which the protection of enviroment tends to be the essential- the new silver in colour fittings are less harmful for the enviroment. A further guarantee of respecting all the word enviroment requirements is the applied ISO 14001 System.

During the International Fairs in Nurenberg in March 2004 the SIEGENIA- AUBI Company has introduced its new product- most recent fittings which under many featchers, overpass the concurence fittings (the two Enterprises The Company consists of were highly estimated for their innovative products by Concurence already long before).


The Soudal NV Company is word bigest producer of structural foams in spray containers. Special flexible sealing compounds materials constitutes a signifficant field of its production as well as glues for gluing woodwork and other constructions. In `1996 the polish branch of Soudal NV -Souda sp. Z O.O. came into being. During the 5 years of its activity this Enterprise, has covered with its influence the whole Country to become nowadays the most poverful producer and distributors of compoud sealing materials and glues in Poland. The high quality of packing materials, its responsible service as well as its innovative solutions, have anabled to introduce the new products like: sealing compoud foam for winter period ussage, hybride packing materials, patented packing gun action device with “clic”, or the sealing system of junctions in window corners relevant to RAL requirements.

The Soudal Enterprise for professionals offers a new neutral silicon sealing of fast hurdenning time- Silirub 2. It is of perfect adherence to glass, vernish covered wood, metals, PCV, policarbonate panels, poliacrylates bases. It is characteristic for its short time of hardenning (the sealed junction gets dry not to dust adherence after no longer than 5 minutes with temperature 20 degrees Celcius and air humidity 60 % level; and after 12 hours the sealing applied element is apt for transport), its high resistance to weather factors influence, UV rays, little shrinkage (not more than 5 % of dimention) as well as long lasting colours. This product is relevant to SNJF and DIN 18545 Standards- secoud part, E section, as well as attestation /aprobata techniczna/ ITB 15-3695/99  
There is a complete packing set of one compound poliuretan foam Soudafoam meant for assembly teams usage, producers and woodwork distributors, either standard or with lower expansion capacity, steem insulating foils “Folienband” inside or outside usage, expanding seal band “Soudaband Acryl”, natural silicon “Silirub- 2” and insulation ropes. It is according to a wall that the assembly worker pick up the right sealing materials



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