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Privacy policy

The text below will help you to understand, what kind of information we collect about the users of our website, in what way we protect them and for what we use it.

  • Anonymity

The users of our website remain anonymous as long as they decide. The most information on our website does not require to leave any information about the user. The user can register in our service. The registration is voluntary, however if the user abandons the registration, he cannot get access to extras of our website (e.g. possibility of creating of unstandard types of windows, more comfortable and faster comunnication with technic advisors and another employees, access to information about current standing of realization of the order). Anonymous trip through our website does not allow to get information about business partners of our company. This option is granted only to people registered on our websit.

  • Personal data

You can use our website without giving personal data. However, if you are interested in getting detailed information on our offer and access to useful instruments or in taking part in our partner programm, we can ask you to give us information about you or your company. Such questions could be in forms, which let you get in contact with specialists of ADPOL (e.g. enquiries to technic and sale advisors) or forms of co-operation.

The information got from you we will use to:

    • answer to your questions and give the assistance,
    • react for your suggestions and remarks,
    • send ordered information,
    • adjust the offer of ADPOL Enterprise to your needs,
    • increase the quality of services,
    • ensure the complex service for current and future clients and co-operants,
    • contact in case of any problems in fulfiling of your order or need for better specification of the order,
    • personalize the navigation through our website due to appropriate access,
    • verify the authorization for access to another services,
    • inform about the vacants in ADPOL 

we insiste onsafety personal data confide to us. We conform with the Law of 29.08.1997 on Protection of Personal Data (Dz. U. Nr. 133 pos. 883) and guidelines of European Regulations used in EU. We would like to inform that the user has the right to look in his own data and extract or correct them through our website after sending an e-mail with his surname, name and demand).

Some of services on the ADPOL  website can be rendered in co-operation with other entities (e.g. our local representative or authorized assembly group). If there is such need to co-operate with other entity, we reserve the right to transfer collected information (including personal data) to our partner, however only in the aerea needed for realization your orders. ADPOL pledges to ensure the security of transfered data. We will not transfer information about you and your company without your acceptation to third parties co-operating with ADPOL, only when the law obliges us to do so.

  • Links to another websites

The website fo ADPOL may contain links to another websites, which are not managed and supervised by us. We give these links to help the users. These sites can have their own system for protection of personal data – we encourage you to be careful and to read their instruction for privacy policy. We do not take the responsibility for information presented on these sites.

  • The protection

The website is secured to protect the supervised data against loss, missuse and modification. The access to personal data – posses limited group of authorized employees of ADPOL  We developed advanced Management System for Authorization, which codes and protects the data against unauthorized access. The information sent by internet are coded by SSL 128 bits, which protects it before invasion.

  • System logs

The information contained in system logs (e.g. IP address) are used only for technical purposes (website administration, server work and security). They could also be used for statisticn purposes (quantity of visits). This information is not combined with personal data of website users of ADPOL

  • Cookies

For better functioning of our service, we can transfer short text files 'cookie' in some cases. The file will be stored in computer and used for administration purposes (e.g. to mantain user's settings). The file will not contain any personal data, which let identify the user. Most of internet browsers can be set so, that they will inform about cookies and also block them. The blockade of cookies does not produce problems to use our site, however the navigation could be more difficult. The site of ADPOL  uses two kinds of cookies.
The most internet browsers can be set so, that they will inform about cookies and also block them. The blokade of cookies doen not produce problems to use our site, however the navigation could be more difficult. The site of ADPOL uses two kinds of cookies.

The website of the ADPOL  Enterprise uses two types of "cookie":

    • session cookies – temporary file, which is used in computer memory and is deleted when shut down of browseri;
    • persistent cookie – conserved on the hard disc. They could be deleted in browser (e.g. In Internet Explorer choose tools>internet option>general>delete cookie file).
  • Queries and contests

There is possible, that we ask our users to give us some information, when organizing contests or queries on our website. The participation in contests or queries is voluntary – the user decides about participation and what data he wants to give. By contests, the given data will be used only to notice the prize-winners.
The queries are fully anonimous (except from query of clients' satisfaction or company's co-operators) and used as the data source for analisies to increase the quality of our products and services. We do not transfer the demographic data to any partner or advertisement companies, even as statistical summary.

  • Subscription

The user, who is interested in subscribing a newsletter with information about the company ADPOL  (e.g. News in offer), will be asked to give personal data including the e-mail address, where the information will be sent. For the given e-mail we will send only ordered by user information. Newsletters are destinated, particulary for mass-media representants but others can also use this option.
The user can anulate the subscription anty time the link of received newsletter. The subscribed newsletters described above do not concern all information that may influence in some way the functioning of the Company and destinated to individuals as well as other cooperanting organization.

  • Unexpected information

We reserve the right to send to clients and users of ADPOL  website occasionally unannounced news. We understand by it, all information combined with the activity of the company (e.g. promotions, wishes, etc.) as well as information combined with the activity of our partners.

  • Our advices on secret data

For increasing the security of the data, we suggest remebering to log out after finishing the work with browser. In another case (particulary, when the computer is used by more than one person, or there is a risk of misuse of your login) we cannot take the responsibility for eventual results of misusing your login by unauthorized persons. We do our best to ensure the full protection of your data, however we need your co-operation for it

The data given by you during registration, the ID, password are accessible only to ADPOL. To have these data secure, please be careful with giving access to them.

  • Legal Notes

The contens of the website is the ADPOL property. Reproduction or modification of materials is forbidden. The user has the right to download and print pages or fragments of pages under the condition of not violating the copyrights. Any modification of the website of ADPOL is possible only by getting our approval in written form. We try to update the information in our website up-to-date. However, we do not take responsibility for any delays in updating of presented information. The user takes the risk of using information presented on our website.
ADPOL takes no responsibility for demages that may result from using ''. The exchange of logins and passwords is forbidden.

  • Agreement statement

The using fo the website of ADPOL means the agreement of the user to accept the above mentioned Privacy Policy and processing with the personal data.

  • Contact with the company ADPOL on privacy regulations

It is very important for us to know your opinion on our website and privacy regulations presented on this site. Feel free to contact us in case of any   We read every e-mail. We try also to answer each of them.


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