ADPOL - Exclusive woodwork of windows and door
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We are an ecologically oriented company, and our activities are aimed at natural environment protection. Therefore the company has started proceedings to implement ISO 14001:2005 Certificate. We are not limited only to the creation and the implementation of the procedures aimed at utilization or reduction of the volume of production waste. We apply the materials, which do not cause a threat to natural environment or have just a minimal impact. We pay a lot of attention to elements utilized in production of wooden windows and doors, possibilities of recycling, impact on natural environment and, last but not least, the origin of raw materials. Obtaining of FSC certificate and the permission for usage of the logo of Forest Stewardship Council are a visible sign of our declarations – Adpol, a company consciously caring about the natural environment.



ADPOL Sp. z o.o.; ul. Barska 7/9; 87-800 Wloclawek; tel. +48544443682; fax+48544443622; e-mail: