ADPOL - Exclusive woodwork of windows and door
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How to order

Orders by internet:

  • asking for price by the Client,
  • confirmation of obtaining the enquiry,
  • preparation of the offer and transfer to the Client,
  • acceptation of the offer by the Client – preparation of the contract and transfer to the Clien,
  • contract acceptation by the client,
  • confirmation of contract acceptation to the division for preparation of production in ADPOL S.A.,
  • confirmation of deadline for prepayment inflow and contract transfer to the production division,
  • contract realization,
  • agreement on assembly/delivery date,
  • setting out of sale documents,
  • carpentry delivery and reception by the client,
  • acceptation and realization of reported guarantee and postguarantee services. 

The Inquiry

  • The client acquaints with our offer, prepares the enquiry and then he sends it by e-mail or gets in contact with our local business partner.

Confirmation of obtaining the enquiry

  • Merchant, who gets the enquiry, is obliged to confirm it and gives his e-mail, phone number etc. for further correspondation.
  • When in the enquiry there are some unclear positions, the marchant has to explaint it with the clien.
  • The enquiry, what was sent from the region of specified company office, will be directed to that office. The client gets the confirmation from that office – that office will be responsible for such offer.
  • The client, who sends the enquiry from a city, where we do not have any office but we have a business partner there, will get the confirmation with the name of contact person – business partner. After preparing the offer, it will be transfered to the business partner and he will conduct any negotiation with the client. 

Transfer of the offer to the clien

  • After preparation of the offer merchant sends it to the client by e-mail with eventual remarks. The offer should contain Summary Letter (F2 form) and drawings of windows with separate prices from Stolcad programm. The clients get offers from their business partners. 

Preparation of the contract

  • After sending the offer merchant negociates with the client regarding corrects to the offer. The client accepts the offer, so he gets the standard contract with such details as: realization date, quantity of prepayment and number of order, which is his code for getting any information on order progress. After acceptation of contract conditions by the client, merchant informs about acceptation of the contract for production and about the inflow of prepayment. In case of delay in inflow of prepayment the client will be automatically informed about the change of realization date in accordance with the contract (in case that we cannot make realization on time because of delay in prepayment). The client must inform the merchant about any changes in realization date before its transfer for production. 

Starting production

  • Informing the client about transfer of the contact for production, it means the begining of its realization).

Alignment of delivery time

  • One week before delivery, representant of ADPOL S.A. contacts with the client to define the delivery. We preapre also delivery documents and set out the invoice. 

Carpentry reception

  • On the delivery day, the client takes away the ordered products, signing “reception protocol”. The ultimate paymet takes effect on the delivery day. 

Post-sale service

  • The client has the right to declere eventual reclamations during the guarantee period. ADPOL renders also post-sale services – renovation of varnish layer, exchange of cracked parquetry etc. 


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