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ACCOYA - ADPOL Trade Sp. z o.o Introduces an ecological, FSC-certified ACCOYA timber joinery which provides an exceptional durability and stability for the whole window construction. For this reason, and also based on our nearly 30 years of experience in producing woodwork, we decided to extend the warranty period for all of our products including the new ones made of ACCOYA for up to 50 years for the wooden construction for those who decide to purchase our products in the period between 01.10.2015 and 31.03.2016.
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We are very pleased to inform that ADPOL – a manufacturer of wood and wood and aluminium joinery constructions, introduced to its offer new and innovative construction solutions - THE SOUNDPROOF WINDOW SYSTEMS.
2009-12-03, 10:28 | więcej

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                  ADPOL – a producer of wooden windows and doors, would like to present you its new products– SOUNDPROOF WINDOWS, which revolutionise previous standards. The company ADPOL, in cooperation with ITB, undertook to develop and implement new window constructions of the increased sound insulation.
 New soundproof window systems cover a whole group of systemic solutions providing a choice of systems with expected soundproofness. The company Adpol, as the first and only one in Poland, performed a number of tests and calculations of window profiles for soundproof windows. The tests cover windows produced of basic types of wood used at Adpol – pine, meranti, eucalyptus, oak. 
Windows should provide protection against a negative influence of the outside environment, and one of the most bothersome features of the present day is noise. Soundproof efficiency of windows is described by their sound reduction indexes expressed in decibels [dB]:
• Rw– a weighted sound reduction index, describes reduction of sound after passing through a partition
• RA2 – a sound reduction index describing reduction of noise caused by railway and road traffic.
The higher the stated values are, the better protection against the noise is provided by a window.
ADPOL launches into the market products with Rw up to 45 dB !!!!

The degree of sound insulation of a window depends mainly on its construction and glazing dimensions – that is, on soundproof parameters of a window pane, soundproof parameters of a frame and rabbet sealing, and, in particular, of a system used for trickle ventilation to ensure adequate inflow of air in buildings with natural ventilation or mechanical exhaust ventilation. Information on sound insulation parameters of a window are provided in the Technical Approval, but usually they concern windows with a standard glazing unit of the 4/16/4  construction, with trickle ventilation, i.e., with the infiltration gap. Windows with this type of glazing are characterised by the sound reduction at a level of Rw = 32 dB and RA2 =27 ÷ 28 dB.  A window pane of the 4/16/4 construction is a standard glass unit used by producers for many years, and it is not a glazing unit with the increased sound reduction – it is a standard system.  When better sound reduction parameters of windows are required, it is necessary to use glazing with the increased sound reduction parameter, the easiest way to obtain that is by using thicker panes and, what is most important, varying their thickness in the glazing unit.  Even using a glazing unit of the 6/16/4 construction, instead of 4/16/4, brings measureable results in the noise reduction for the whole window. The level of Rw=45 dB requires not only special panes, but also a special construction of a window.
Many producers of window panes have their own test results for soundproofness of glazing units, which, depending on their construction, provide various levels of the noise reduction; it must be remembered, however, that a pane is just one of window components and that the window sound reduction parameters are largely influenced by a window construction, i.e., used sealing strips and a system for ensuring adequate air circulation through a closed window maintaining, at the same time, a required sound reduction level. Also the window size and shape is not insignificant – panes and windows of smaller area usually provide better sound reduction compared to large items of the same construction and used materials.

Soundproof window systems of ADPOL.  

Wooden constructons: 

Wood and aluminium constructions:
1) EKO Rw 38 dB SYSTEM
2)  EKO Rw 42 dB SYSTEM
3)  EKO Rw 45 dB SYSTEM
4)  EKO 2+1 Rw 38 dB SYSTEM
5) EKO 2+1 Rw 42 dB SYSTEM
6)  EKO 2+1 Rw 45 dB SYSTEM

Adpol not only offers a selection of wood joinery unavailable so far and the latest technical solution, but, first of all, guarantees that windows and balcony doors produced in the above-mentioned systems provide declared noise reduction levels confirmed by tests.
This facilitates finding an adequate configuration for a window construction, depending on customer expectations, and taking into account a type of wood, Rw parameter and R A2 parameter.
The scope of performed tests is typical for ITT type tests and allows CE marking.   


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